foundation offers fine art reproduction

Tom of Finland 1988

The artist, Tom of Finland, published several limited edition art prints which allowed collectors who could not afford an original drawing of his to at least enjoy a high quality reproduction of them. However, he was always frustrated that the reproduction capability of offset printing was not equal in its detail to his original artwork. If Tom were alive he would be pleased to see how advancements today in technology provide the maximum level of quality in fine art reproduction; the depiction virtually equals the original. Because of that, the Tom of Finland Foundation has now decided to make available to collectors a state-of-the-art giclée reproduction of one of Tom’s most important pieces.

This image has been chosen for current publication by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. It has a very special meaning in Tom's career as it was the drawing the artist created specifically for the cover of his first book, TOM OF FINLAND Retrospective, published in 1988. With this image Tom wanted to capture the masculine essence of the gay male in culture as he, himself, experienced it. This drawing was a favorite of Tom’s and has also succeeded in becoming one of the most powerful images of his entire body of work.

Under the supervision of Volker Morlock, curator of the Erotic Art Gallery and editor of TOM OF FINLAND Retrospective III, the Foundation has contracted with the foremost art reproduction house in the United States, Harvest Productions, to reproduce this image. It will be released in a limited edition of only 50. Each giclée will be numbered and embossed with a specially designed “Tom of Finland Foundation” stamp and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Durk Dehner, cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. Each collector will also be encouraged to register his giclée with the Foundation in order to add value to the print by establishing provenance. Registration will also document authenticity should a change of ownership occur.

The Foundation will premiere this giclée by exhibiting it next to the original drawing during the New York City Erotic Art Fair, 2004 allowing collectors to witness its excellent quality first hand.

The initial offering price will be $250. If you are interested in acquiring one for your own collection, please contact Volker Morlock at volker@artnet.net or call the Foundation at 213.250.1685.