Tom of Finland warmly welcomed back at IML

After almost a decade away, Tom of Finland Foundation returned to Chicago at the end of May for Mister International Leather, and what a fantastic event it was! Jon Krongaard did an amazing job at organizing the massive celebration of Gay Men’s Culture. Despite the LGBT Assimilation Cult, we are still here – Proud, Brave, and Strong!

ToFF at Leather Vendor Market, 2012.

Bob Graves worked tirelessly to build a brilliant Leather Market and we all want to thank him very much for the special accommodations he offered the Foundation this year. We also need to acknowledge the dedication and support of pan-national crew of hot and helpful Volunteers: Lance, Michael, Angel, Craig, Jack and David. Without their help, we would not have been able to enjoy the party going on all around us.

We also want to send out a B I G congratulations to Mr. IML 2013 Woody Woodfuff who has been given a limited edition, Tom of Finland, fine art print from the Foundation as our new champion of the right to freedom of expression. Like all of TOM’s Men, he is a standard by which we can all aspire.

We look forward to seeing everyone at International Mr. Leather 2013!



Tom of Finland exhibition opened at Kulturhuset – Stockholm

Tom of Finland-utställning öppnades på Kulturhuset.


Mika, Orjan, Martin and Peter in front of the poster that TOM drew for SLM and later used for their Baltic Battle poster in 1994. Photo: Jonas Norén

Efter att i ett år ha visats i Åbo under Kulturhuvudstadsåret 2011 kom utställningen så till Stockholm och det Kulturhus som även i år blir Pride House.När Kulturhuset på onsdagskvällen bjöd till vernissage på Tom of Finland-utställningen kom Tom of Finland Foundations Durk Dehner för att medverka. På plats fanns även bland annat Finlands ambassadör Harry Helenius liksom kulturattaché Cita Högnabba och Åbo Kulturhuvudstadsårs Cay Sevón.

Gary Everett från hbt-kulturfestivalen Homotopia i Liverpool fanns på plats efter en intensiv veckas arbete med att få utställningen på plats.Kulturhusets Eric Sjöström, Everett, Sevón och QX förlagschef <bhöll tal och Durk Dehner gjorde så en specialvisning av de bilder som visas av Touko Laaksonensverk som spänner från 1944 fram till 1990, bara ett år innan han avled i Helsingfors.

Just nu pågår ett intensivt arbete för att arkivera och bygga upp samlingar av Tom of Finlands

QX’s Jon Voss was the opening speaker. Foto: Jonas Norén

arbete i Finland. Utställningen pågår under sommaren och över Stockholm Pride och planer finns att hålla ett antal seminarier kring utställningen i samband med festivalen.

At the opening was Tom of Finland Foundation’s cofounder and president, Durk Dehner, Finnish Ambassador Harry Helenius as well as cultural attaché Cita Högnabba, Turku Culture Capital’s Cay Sevón and Gary Everett from LGBT arts festival Homotopia in Liverpool.

Kulturhuset’s Eric Sjostrom, Everett, Sevón and QX Publishing Manager and Durk Dehner had a special viewing of the works by Touko Laaksonen spanning 1944 until 1990, just one year before the artist died in Helsinki.

Currently, there are efforts to archive and build collections of Tom of Finland’s work in Finland. The exhibition runs during the summer and Stockholm Pride. There are plans to hold a series of seminars on the exhibition in conjunction with the festival.

Durk Dehner of Tom of Finland Foundation and Eric Sjostrom, Kulturhuset’s artistic director. Photo: Jonas Norén


Cay Sevón and curator Gary Everett from Homotopia in Liverpool. Photo: Jonas Norén















Tom of Finland-utställning öppnades på Kulturhuset


Great opening for the Tom of Finland exhibition. The Finnish Ambassador said he was immensely proud of TOM.  This is the first time ToFF’s permanent collection has been seen in Sweden. Thanks to all of the funders, partners, friends and supporters for making this special event happen.