“Rare and Raw” – 15th February – NYC

G. B. JONES, Prison Breakkout #1, 1991, Graphite on paper, 9.00" x 7.00"

G. B. JONES, Prison Breakout #1, 1991, Graphite on paper, 9.00″ x 7.00″

A curated exhibition exploring Queer representation, historical visual culture and contemporary art production.

Queer communities are experiencing an overwhelming gap between older and younger generations—due to technology and generational lifestyles as well as the many lives decimated by AIDS. The past remains integral to Queer epistemology and representation.

Artists: Tom of Finland, G.B. Jones, William E. Jones, Zoe Leonard, Nina Levitt, Tara Mateik, Kent Monkman and Will Munro.



Rare & Raw contains a combination of contemporary installations, archival photographs, drawings, ephemera and video.

The exhibition conceptually sequences works based on themes such as power, sexuality, history and the Queer gaze. Co-curaors Steph Rogerson and Kelly McCray are pairing the works of more senior artists with their younger counterparts in order to cast light upon the different ways in which inter-generational artists engage with the same issues.



One of Germany’s best-selling Gay novels, now in English

Praised for his prose as “the master of emotions”.

Journalist and psychotherapist Stephan Niederwieser became known as an author in Germany, his home country, because of this very novel. On a Wednesday in September was voted Best Gay Fiction of the Year in 1998. Now, one of Germany’s best-selling Gay novels, is finally available in English.


SeptemberA moving tale of guilt, redemption and the survival of love.

When Edvard hands his lover a ring to seal their friendship, he triggers an emotional avalanche: Bernhard is overwhelmed with images from the past: Nazi Germany, a blond soldier, and trails of blood in the snow. While seeking answers to these haunting images, Bernhard crosses paths with many strangers: his close-lipped father, stewardess Kim, grand seignior Raimondo, gigolo Fred, and his own strong-willed mother Lydia. The ring connects the lives of these strangers, and what seems contradictory finally comes together at the end.