Dig those crazy boots on TOM’s men?

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TOM OF FINLAND © Tom of Finland Foundation

They’re traditional Finnish boots from Lapland called lapikkaat (or pieksut). Not only worn by lumberjacks (tukkijätkä) and loggers (metsuri), also by the Finnish military during WWII – even those who served in the ’80s, and you still might see them on some proud soldiers today!

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Tom left his sexy pair here at TOM House. Check out the toes. Easy to jump in and out of your skis, right? Great Finnish styling.


We visited a bootmaker in Helsinki to see how the boots were made – handmade – the same way they were made years and years ago. He trained with some of the only left artisans that are still making authentic boots the old Finnish way. His stuff is pretty incredible.

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The full-length leather is definitely an asset out in the wilds where they’ll protect you from deep snow, dense undergrowth, snakes and other mean little critters (maybe not the cursed Lappish mosquito).

And water-proofing? You can use tar or pitch (and blubber, if you’ve got some handy…)

Have what it takes to pull them off?