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TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991)

TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991)

Art Basel is the premier international art show of its kind for modern and contemporary works, bringing over 300 leading galleries from around the world to the heart of Europe. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works. 

Basel is uniquely situated at the border between Switzerland, France and Germany. With its world-class museums, theaters, concert halls, medieval old town, and new architecture, it ranks as one of Europe’s most alluring cultural cities.

Basel draws tens of thousands of visitors – collectors, gallerists, artists, curators, art enthusiasts – from across the globe who come to experience the highest quality art.



“Abandon the Parents” | 23rd May | Copenhagen







An abundance of paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, books, words, and sounds fill the x-rummet venue, establishing surprising connections and creating new narratives. The rich and complex accumulation of objects explores and interprets the process of emancipation and independence that may – or may not – happen in the life of an andolescent leaving his or her parents to seek out new values.

The Danish artist Henrik Olesen has invited two long-term collaborators, friends, and gallerists – Daniel Buchholz and Christopher Müller – to join him in curating the exhibition Abandon the Parents in x-rummet. Here, they present an overwhelming collection of paintings, books, photographs, videos, sounds, and drawings created by Ariane Müller, Judith Scott, Lutz Bacher, Jean Genet, Richard Hawkins, Dieter Roth, Zoe Leonard, Lili Elbe, Arthur Köpcke, Kristian Zarthman, Wolfgang Tillmans, Hannah Hoech, Henriette Heise, Gerry Bibby, Albert Mertz and Galerie Krise from Berlin.

The combination of works presented here springs from the three curators’ personal process of exploration – they have selected works, stories, and artists in which they frame a space that contextualizes artistic production and self-organization. Adressing the decisive moments in the construction of an identity. The exhibition presents three interwoven homosexual autobiographies, but it also points to the mechanisms, desires, and intuitions that serve as the building blocks for our identities as human beings.

Many of the artists featured in the exhibition have served as important guiding lights for Olesen’s own artistic endeavours. They are role models and sources of inspiration that have shaped his artistic work and his search for his own identity.

Henrik Olesen Abandon the Parents | x-rummet
Through 28th September 2014



TOM @ RUMBLE | 31st May | LA-Long Beach



Before and during the Second World War, what leather clothing there was, was always brown. Suddenly, right about 1950, the black biker’s ‘uniform’ appeared. It is amazing how fast it spread around the world. I have been told that I influenced its birth. –Tom of Finland

In the early part of the 1950s, Tom was fast at work drawing his men in uniform-style gear, combining his uniform fetish with the garb of the tough boys. The defining moment for him was when he saw some stills of Marlon Brando from the film The Wild One. As Tom said, “I immediately felt it, that my men would wear black leather from that point on.” He transposed his brown leather jackets, breeches and caps into black. The “Leatherman” was born.

Tom had a tailor in Helsinki make him a pair of black leather breeches and jackets soon after. Being somewhat of a dandy, he wanted to go somewhere public all geared up; he was known for making appearances at the local motocross. He forwarded his drawings of men in full leather gear to his pals in England and Germany. The effect was contagious–they, too, had gear made–and would send back to Tom photos of themselves all decked out. In turn, Tom was inspired to do more and to keep on elaborating on the gear and improving his ability to render the feel of leather. This was the beginning of what was to become the international Gay Leather scene.
Tom of Finland: Life and Work of a Gay Hero


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 Rumble – Leather & Motorcycles, the Long Road to Equality
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