Helsinki, Tom of Finland Style

We explore everything from the artist’s favorite restaurant to after hour cruising spots.

Photo of Terry Miller by Mikko Rasila

“A cruising spot made famous by its inclusion in the Tom of Finland movie, released in 2017. The cobblestone road leads from the Helsinki Observatory to town, bracketed by large trees and shady areas perfect for spotting your new Finnish boyfriend.” -Terry Miller

Few artists have had as big an impact on gay culture as Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland. Not only was he prolific (Tom created somewhere near 3,500 illustrations in his 40 year career), but the hyper-sexualized, masculine men featured in his work are nothing short of iconic.


“My Gay Eye / Mein schwules Auge” – Tom of Finland Foundation Special

Cover photo by Josh Paul Thomas after a drawing by Tom of Finland.

Tom of Finland
(born Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991)
has created a fascinating Gay world
with his pencil.

This special edition of My Gay Eye presents the many sides of the artist and explores the Foundation he cofounded. Discover treasures from an extensive collection of Gay art, many shown here for the first time. Contemporary authors and artists add to this unique homage to Tom with their essays, interviews, short stories and images.

400 pages with works by over 100 artists among them Bastille, Henning von Berg, Peter Berlin, Rick Castro, Ruben Esparza, Etienne, Florian Hetz, G.B. Jones, Michael Kirwan, Bob Mizer, George Quaintance, Rex, Stuart Sandford, Gengoroh Tagame, The Hun and Arthur Tress.

Exclusive texts by Michael Bullock, Kevin Clarke, Jamison Karon, Ralf König, Ralph Poole, Rolf Redlin, Steven Reigns, Peter Rehberg and the cofounder and president of Tom of Finland Foundation, Durk Dehner.

Featured at Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival, 6-7th October 2018
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