Carrington Galen Memorial

Carrington Galen 1965-2016

Thanking Rowland Byass for this inspired creation; Stuart Sandford for the modeling of the figure; Carr’s husband, Joe Candias Galen, for the base and assemblage; and John Parot for his work with the glazing. Remembering Roberto Tzalam for his dedication to this loving project. And of course, Durk Dehner for commissioning it; and Carr’s sister, Christine Astin, for her support.

Carr’s the star, by far.
Not on a par,
with any of us, really.

When he said au revoir,
we dedicated this hectar
to his brilliance.

He’s a Gibson guitar,
Beluga caviar.
We’ll not forget our superstar,
from here to Zanzibar.