Takes things back to Tom’s early days in 1957

Men.com is about to release an interesting gay porn project in collaboration with iconic queer erotic illustrator Tom of Finland! I think they nailed the look and atmosphere of Tom of Finland in this gay porn movie starring new Men.com exclusive Matthew Camp with gay porn stars Kurtis Wolfe and Theo Brady.


Tom of Finland:1957
Starting 13th December


Debuts Friday 13th December

Men.com is trumpeting a partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation on an erotic anthology series toplined by A-listers Matthew Camp, Kurtis Wolfe and others.

The iconic hyper-masculine illustrations of Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991), have vaulted the artist to worldwide prominence. “His influence on the gay community is nearly impossible to calculate, serving as the first introduction to gay sexuality for entire generations of men,” explained a Men.com representative.

Tom of Finland was the subject of a 2017 biopic from his native Finland, which issued a series of stamps featuring his artwork in 2014.

His work and life have been the subject of numerous exhibitions; in 2006, New York’s Museum of Modern Art accepted several pieces of his art for its permanent collection from the Judith Rothschild Foundation, which described Tom of Finland as “one of the five most influential artists of the 20th Century. As an artist he was superb, as an influence he was transcendent.”

Men.com is the first adult studio to launch a Tom of Finland series. The initial three episodes of “Men.com x Tom of Finland” will take as their inspiration a classic artwork and debut exclusively on Men.com.

While the first three installments will be period pieces, follow-up episodes move into the present-day and the future, intended to “re-imagine Tom of Finland for a new generation,” the rep said.

Men.com has enlisted indie filmmakers Cory Krueckeberg, Matt Lambert and Bruce LaBruce to helm episodes, along with Terry Miller of the It Gets Better Project and musician Casey Spooner.

Tom of Finland’s drawings have always intrigued me and turned me on as a kind of burlesque of gay male sexuality. It’s a performative masculinity that also happens to be extremely hot. There is much joy in the representation, as well as an underlying current of humor and irony. -Bruce LaBruce.

Spooner echoed LaBruce’s regard for the late artist.

Tom of Finland has always turned me on! I used to collect the ‘Kake’ comics in the ‘90s. I love the physical exaggeration and his wild narratives. I admire his freedom and ability to clearly express his deepest desires. I plan to do the same but in the 21st Century with the best and newest technology. The future is now!”

Lambert, who is based in Berlin, enthused about the opportunity to direct a highly personal episode.

My film in the series was a chance to rewrite my own history growing up in L.A. — to create a fantastical version of my own youth through the Tom of Finland lens. This reality is one that I’m starting to see come to life in L.A. and one that Berlin has given me.

The first episode of MEN.com x Tom of Finland, titled 1957, debuts Friday, and centers on Matthew Camp, Kurtis Wolfe and Theo Brady.


The spirit of Tom of Finland’s art

Next year will mark the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991). And it looks like Tom of Finland Foundation, one of the organizations that works to keep the iconic artist’s legacy alive, is starting its celebrations early with a series of erotic films that will release beginning this month.

As a multi-part project, the collaboration will kick off with Tom of Finland: 1957. That film stars Matthew Camp as a police officer and Theo Brady and Kurtis Wolfe as a birdwatcher and fisherman, respectively. The period piece harkens back to Tom’s earliest sketches where he depicted day labourers as well as other common men. Much in the spirit of both Tom of Finland’s art and Men.com’s impetus, the scene devolves into an eventual threesome. It will release on December 13.

But 1957 is only the beginning of the Tom of Finland X Men.com link up: the project will include films from Bruce LaBruce, Matt Lambert, and Cory Krueckeberg. According to XBIZ, though the first three installments will be period pieces, “follow-up episodes move into the present-day and the future,” in a bid to reimagine Tom for a younger crowd. Terry Miller, who has been one of the modern day faces of Tom of Finland as he is the model of choice for the Tom of Finland Store, will also play a role. Musician Casey Spooner will as well.

But it won’t be just films. Lambert has announced that his hand in the project will also be a collaboration: Titled Pleasure Park, after a popular Tom of Finland series, that partnership will live as not only a film set to debut in 2020, but also a zine.