Thanking everyone for their generosity

Our collection is growing, 2019 was a very busy year and we were gifted over 500 new works to the collection and archive. We are remembering here some highlights. 

Artists for Donating Artworks:
Heather Benjamin, Gio Black Peter, Glenn Cannon,  Adam Chuck, Gabe Cortez, Robert Andy Coombs, Butch Dick, Ruben Esparza, Paul Peter Fraser, Abe Garcia, Brandon Herman, Florian Hetz, Martian of Holland, Rinaldo Hopf, Van Jazmin, Emma Kohlmann, Matt Lambert, Jacob Love, Aurelien Nobecourt-Arras, Joel Parsons, Marvel A. Rex,  Stuart Sanford, Jess Scott, Markus Sjöborg, and Ben Youdan.

Collectors for Donating Artworks:
A collection of 80 works from a private estate in Chicago. A private collection of more than 275 works from Memphis Tennessee , and the collection of Randy Miller and Paul Bugess Williams 200 works. Also Farida Amar, Christopher Harrity and Colt Mix.

Gifts to the Library:
Christopher Harrity and George W. Indyke.

Gifts to the Archive:
One Archives at USC Libraries, Mark Everett Sanders, Gary Brown and Juan R. Sanchez Torres.

Donations from Organizations:
Eagle LA, LA Band of Brothers, CLAW, LA Leather, The FoundNation, California B&B Corps, Regiment of the Black and Tans.

Photos by Martyn Thompson for TOM House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles