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TOM’s Foundation red-hearts San Diego

Thanks to everyone who came out for
Tom of Finland….. Dance Your Heart Out

A big thank-you to Bennett Evan Robbins, Tristan Jaxx for being an awesome DJ, Kevin Plautz from the Rage for photography, and Michael Gallardo from Quintessential Wines for their ToF wine (which made its US debut in San Diego!)

Tom of Finland Foundation sincerely appreciates the donations
and assistance in the furtherance of our goals.


TOM | 1st April | Berlin

One Holiday | Two Events

Tom of Finland
DVD Release Meet-and-Greet
With Niklas Hogner (plays part of Kake in movie)

Generous sponsor of Tom of Finland Foundation

My Gay Eye/Mein schwules Auge
Tom of Finland Special Edition

Book Launch and Discussion
With the Museum, Tom of Finland Foundation, publisher, editor and contributors