Palanca’s Hideaway

On July 22 this year, Palanca, an artist from Peru who was a close friend of Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF), passed away.

In 2001, Palanca travelled to Los Angeles where he literally showed up on the front doorstep of TOM House, ToFF’s premises. He then introduced himself and suggested that the Foundation could help him grow in his development as an artist. As it turned out, Palanca came to have a close and fruitful association with ToFF, and he went on to exhibit his work at Tom of Finland Art Fair, L.A. Pride’s Erotic City and TOM’s Bar. In 2007 he was honored with a Special Recognition from ToFF.

The day after Palanca’s passing, ToFF marked the event with the blog post “Palanca has left us”.

In this blog post, we pay further tribute to Palanca by showing his “hideaway”. Last year, ToFF had most of the rooms of TOM House designated with plaques. One of the closets in TOM House was designated as “Palanca’s Hideaway”:

Palanca's Hideaway

Palanca's Hideaway signage

Some of Palanca’s art is currently on display at TOM House. To make an appointment to visit TOM House, please contact ToFF (phone +1 213 250 1685 or email


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