“TOM IN AMERICA” makes Canadian Premiere at Festival Des Films Du Monde Montreal 2014

The film “Tom in America”, starring Academy Award nominees Burt Young and Sally Kirkland, recently had its Canadian premiere when it was screened for the 2014 Festival Des Films Du Monde Montreal (Montreal World Film Festival) on August 23 and 24. The director and stars were also present for a Q&A.

Directed by Flavio Alves, the film’s synopsis makes reference to the Tom of Finland doll that was released in 2011:

For 50 years, Michael and Betty have been united by one guiding principle: no secrets. But when a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael’s long-buried desires, Betty discovers that secrets have been part of their life all along. With long-held mysteries thrust into the open, the foundation of their marriage and the path of their golden years is suddenly rocked. Now, they must redefine their future, and decide if it is one their love can survive.

In the lead-up to the screening, an article in Digital Journal reported that the stars were optimistic about the film’s reception:

Young believes audiences “will react with tenderness” to Tom in America. Kirkland agrees, “I think the film will touch people’s hearts.”

As also noted in the article, the film was formally endorsed by Tom of Finland Foundation.

The film trailer can be viewed here:

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