“Erotic Art Usually Just Titillates. His Erotic Art, Though? Changed The Minds Of So. Many. People.”

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Upworthy, a website that posts viral content, has posted the video on Tom of Finland that was created by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. This video was used to promote MOCA’s Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland exhibition (November 2, 2013 – January 26, 2014) and has had over 75,000 YouTube viewings.

Upworthy introduced the video as follows:

Tom of Finland (birth name: Touko Laaksonen) was an erotic artist, but he was so much more than that title suggests because of two things: who he was drawing and when he was drawing them.

As the video description on YouTube states:

(Tom of Finland Foundation) cofounder and former Bruce Weber model Durk Dehner met Tom because of a compelling image on a bathroom wall, and soon became the artist’s muse, patron, and longtime friend. In this short video, Dehner and foundation vice president S.R. Sharp discuss Tom’s radical imaginary, his command of the gay male gaze, how Tom of Finland got his name, and why Tom made the move to Los Angeles. Dehner has preserved the home he shared with Tom as a homage to Tom’s legacy, and to this day, the home remains open to the public.

This video features footage of TOM House, the house in Los Angeles that has been preserved as a homage to Tom of Finland’s legacy. Tom lived and worked in this house for the last decade of his life. To schedule a tour of TOM House, please call +1 213-250-1685. 

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