Eine Benefizveranstaltung – A charity event


A brand new and uniquely sexy experience for all lovers of classical music and fetish clothing. Professional, qualified and internationally distinguished musicians will not only perform a variety of classical “hits”, but do this in fetish outfits for a fetish audience. The 30-minute intermission gives the audience plenty of time to mix and mingle, and maybe make some new contacts in time for the Folsom Weekend.

After all the costs for production and manpower have been deducted, the remaining amount of money generated by this year’s concert will be donated to Tom’s Foundation in Los Angeles.


  • N. Paganini: Cantabile – Ari, Violine / violin
  • W. Spzilmann: The Life of Machines – Jack Parton, Klavier / piano
  • J. Rutter: Lord, Make Me An Instrument – MConsort, Männerchor / mens’ choir
  • A. Forqueray: Chaconne – Georg Kroneis, Viola da Gamba
  • L. M. Marais: Variatonen über la Folia – Denis Chevalier, Blockflöte / recorder – Georg Kroneis, Viola da Gamba
  • J. S. Bach: Sonata in g-moll, 3. Satz, BWV 527 – Denis Chevalier, Blockflöte / recorder – Martin L. Carl, Klavier / piano
  •  Halvorsen/Händel: Passacaglia – Ari, Violine / violin – Paul Leather, Cello
  • J. Strauß: Ja, das Schreiben und das Lesen – Peter Trautwein, Bariton / baritone


  • Rachmaninov: Étude in D – Greg Winn, Klavier/piano
  • G. Verdi: La Traviata – Di Provenca, il Mar – Peter Trautwein, Bariton / baritone
  • Moniuszko/Melzer: The Spinner – Greg Winn, Klavier/piano
  • M. Dupré: Courtège & Litanie – Martin L. Carl, Orgel / organ
  • R. Schumann: Fantasiestücke – Paul Leather, Cello
  • H. Arlen: Over the Rainbow – MConsort, Männerchor / mens’ choir



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