“Jess Room in TOM House” | 1st and 2nd December

Beach Boy Burden Throne, 2018

Jess Scott is an artist living in L.A. working in paintings, drawings, and sometimes ceramics, sculptures, and repurposed objects for installation. Scott was featured in the Tom of Finland survey in Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead / MOCAD in Detroit (2018) and was subsequently inspired by the idea of the TOM House in a Mike Home, extending the concept to a Jess Room in TOM House. Jess Room will therefore aim to create a both contained and influenced world of Scott’s work situated in context of Tom of Finland as a contemporarily-engaged legacy. Scott’s sculptures of Loiter Daddies, various ceramic objects, paintings, reimagined novels, paper lanterns, and other objects of home and art studio will furnish TOM House’s ground floor for a two day exhibition.

Loiter Daddy 2, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday 6-9p
Sunday: Noon to 5p


“LOVE SONGS” by Phuc Le | 17th November | TOM House

Self Portrait w/ Durk’s Chain Link Vest & Boots,
2018, C-print, 16×20 inches

LOVE SONGS is a photographic series I made during my residency at Tom of Finland Foundation. This body of work focuses on idolizing and celebrating Queer Asian guys through a romantic narrative. It’s also my personal journey of exploring desire, community, and self love. I dedicate it to all Queer Asian-Americans. I want us to be proud, be visible, love ourselves and each other. So when people look back, they will see that we were here and we didn’t get erased.

Concerning gender, race and sexuality, it’s easy to feel invisible if one’s identity doesn’t belong to a delineated group. During my formative years, the absence of Queer Asian representation in porn and pop culture contributed to my skewed sense of self love and an inability to love a body and a narrative that reflected my own. LOVE SONGS is my effort to increase Gay/Queer Asian-American visibility.–Phuc Le, 2018, TOM House

PHUC LE, Duke and Me from Song 1, 2018, Xerox print, 36×36 inches

Born in Vietnam (1985) and grew up in Orange County, Phuc Le is currently living and making work in Los Angeles. Focusing on social structures and relationships that exist in his immediate reality, Le makes photographic prints utilizing a combination of analog and digital photography. He was a collective member of Flux Factory in New York City, and is currently a part of the Navel Collective in LA.

Opening reception: Saturday, 6-10p.
Performances by Tyler Holmes, Moises Josue Michel and Duke Tran.

On view through 25th November by appointment.