Gay Men on TV – Why There Isn’t a Tom of Finland Show

I work in television, and one thing I often get asked when talking about my job to guys I meet from around the country (as if I run a network and can make like, actual decisions) is “Where are the gay guys on TV like me?!?!” And I totally get where they’re coming from… why is it that even though gay characters and gay men on reality shows has increased over the last ten or fifteen years, we are still subjected to one basic type… the nelly queen. Now both you and I know that gay men come in all shapes and sizes, and while I am not one of those gay men that abhors my swishy-fabulous counterparts, I do gotta wonder… does Hollywood not know that Muscle Bears and Daddies exist? Where are the butch homos?



Alex from Frontiers Selling Tom Action Figure

He has an ad for the figures in the Frontiers4Men insert in Issue 29-07, the “Vegas” issue.

tom-action-figure_t Read about Norm and REBEL


XXX Toy Story

One of the most well-recognized symbols of contemporary gay culture, the heavily muscled and big-dicked “Rebel” of Tom of Finland’s illustrations has found new life as an action figure.

The 001 Rebel is the first in a series of officially licensed action figures based on the artwork of Tom of Finland. At 13” tall, these collectible action figures are of the highest quality, featuring 15 points of articulation, detailed paint, removable clothing and a range of accessories—including three interchangeable penises. Each figure is serially numbered, displayed on a chrome base that also functions as a storage box for accessories and is covered with a protective clear bell-jar vitrine. The action figure makes a great collectible to add to your assortment of Tom of Finland illustrations and erotic art, or the perfect partner to that lonesome Ken doll rattling around the Malibu Dreamhome. Just don’t tell Barbie.

Story online. Purchasing details.


Bruno Gmünder to publish anthology book, “HAIR”


Photographers and graphic artists present their individual
and always very special view on the hairy world of hunks.
Drawing legends such as Tom of Finland, The Hun and Fred Bisones
are featured as well as Tom Bianchi, Jeff Palmer, Joe
Oppedisano and Dylan Rosser—each of them a top seller in
the genre of male nude photography.

Press Release

The book arrived at HQ today.
“Artist Tom of Finland and photographer Jim French of Colt Studio lead the pack with beautifully composed imagery of large, muscular, hairy men like Ledermeister and Bruno – men who embodied the kind of masculinity normally associated with playboys and jocks – engaged in startling, unapologetic, passionate homosexual sex. Tom’s and French’s men became poster boys for gay liberation, influencing mainstream publications like Playgirl and art photographers form George Hester to Robert Mappelthorpe.” – Jim Kempster, Woolsrake Photography

  • Tom of Finland leads the book w/ 8 plates. Also in the book are Michael Alago, Xavier Gicquel with a homage to TOM, Rick Castro, Joe Oppedisano, Robert W. Richards, Harvey Redding, Michael Kirwan, The Hun, Tom Bianchi and Rob Clarke to name a few of the 48 artists in this volume.
  • The Acknowledgements thank Tom of Finland Foundation and Durk Dehner. Two artists – Sepp of Vienna and Bradley C. Rader – have included works I commissioned as a gift to ToFF, part of “Lucky 13″.

    “HAIR is an anthology for everyone who just shrugs the shoulders when the epilated Adonis appears in the aftershave commercial, for everyone, who rather follows the call of the wilderness than the mainstream. Are you ready, guys? Let it grow!”

  • TOM OF FINLAND (Finnish, 1920 – 1991), Untitled, 1962, Graphite on paper, ToFF #62.07, © 2010 Tom of Finland Foundation TOM OF FINLAND (Finnish, 1920 – 1991), Untitled, 1962, Graphite on paper, ToFF #62.07, © 2010 Tom of Finland Foundation