German Architect Visits TOM House

Claus Nieländer was the architect that realized the design of artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset for the Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism in Berlin.  The Memorial opened on May 27, 2008 and Nieländer told me that it has been the recent target of violent vandalism.

800px-berlin_homomahnmal_3451Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset are the curatorial team that created the installation
The Collectors at the 53rd Venice Biennale.

Claus and his friend Arnd found ToFF on the ‘net and enjoyed seeing Tom’s reference binders and looking at the pictures of The Collectors that Elmgreen and Dragset had just sent to Foundation HQ.

They each have TOM titles in their own collections and were impressed with the XXL book. Tomorrow they are to see another significant Los Angeles monument – the Watts Towers.


Gary Robinson Died November 21st, 2009 in NYC

A very good friend – and was becoming a better one.


The attenuated, five-year life span of the Tom of Finland Clothing line had little to do with popularity and everything to do with financing. After an exhaustive study of Tom’s art, designers Gary Robinson and David Johnson produced a collection that brought the artist’s vision to three-dimensional life and was embraced by fashion editors, featured in music videos, and covered prominently on both fashion television and the E-Channel. The low slung, “hip-hugger” jeans that are currently the industry standard reflect Tom’s influence as well.

Spring 2003 Dispatch

Tom of Finland Clothing “Absolut Tom” Runway Tour – Part 1

Tom of Finland Clothing “Absolut Tom” Runway Tour – Part 2


 On May 17, 2006 ToFF held a cocktail reception in Manhattan to celebrate Tom of Finland: Coming of Age, a 21-piece exhibition of extraordinary drawings. This evening’s event was only made possible through the focused efforts of three remarkable New York City men: Gary Robinson, Mark Nelson, and Brian Crede who all cochaired the gala exposition at the host venue, the Charles Cowles Gallery.


Rodney Scott, president CSW, Mike Goldie, Durk Dehner, Sharp, Gary Robinson at 2009 Los Angeles LGBT Pride Celebration. PHOTO: JayPG


The  TOM Camino “styled” by Gary Robinson

Durk, Etienne, Jean Claude and Gary Robinson in Paris Durk, Etienne, Jean Claude and Gary Robinson in Paris