Radio Classic interviews at “Sealed with a Secret: Correspondence of Tom of Finland”


Tom of Finland as remembered by a close friend (Durk)

artworks-000090409555-vqp3xh-t200x200President and cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation, Durk Dehner tells about the work, life and death of Tom, a.k.a. Touko Laaksonen. He knew Tom personally and also modelled for this artist, who influenced late 20th century Gay culture with his pictures. Exhibition about the correspondence and art of Tom of Finland in Finnish Postal Museum until 29th March 2014.

 Interviewer: Inkeri Pyylampi




Salaisuuksin suljettu – kirjeiden Tom of Finland with Susanna Luoto

artworks-000090403568-lhqap7-t200x200Kuraattori Susanna Luoto kertoo Postimuseon näyttelystä Salaisuuksin suljettu – kirjeiden Tom of Finland. Näyttely valottaa Tom of Finland -taiteilijanimen takana löytyvän Touko Laaksosen elämää ja persoonaa.






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