New Explicit Film, “Brazil Solos” by Antonio Da Silva

From the moment I finish watching one of Antonio Da Silva’s film, I am already aching for his next. Always skating the line between porn and art and always turning me on. TMI? I make no excuses for being a perv and you shouldn’t either. Antonio Da Silva’s choice of men in his films are exquisite.

BRAZIL SOLOS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a 34 min film including 60 min of extra footage.

In January 2016 I went back to Brazil to produce a new film. During this trip I had the opportunity to experience the culture and to meet many amazing Brazilian men who showed interest in collaborating with me.

Thanks to Brazil’s rich culture, I was able to produce three new short films: BRAZIL SOLOS, BRAZIL JUNGLE and BRAZIL CARNIVAL. BRAZIL SOLOS is the first film to be release from this trilogy.

BRAZIL SOLOS interviews 30 Brazilian men. They are all naked, relaxed and excited. They talk about the diversity in Brazil, their fantasies, the Cariocas, the butt, the hipper sexualisation of the black man and much more… All  are sexually attracted to other men and very sexually active despite the fact that they live in a very conservative and religious country.


BRASIL SOLOS from Antonio Da Dilva Films will have a world premier on June 26th at Tom of Finland Foundation as part of the Queer Biennial II in Los Angeles, USA.




avaf x Tom of Finland x PAOM Collection

Take a look at the collaboration between contemporary artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of assume vivid astro focusTom of Finland Foundation and Print All Over Me (PAOM), an unprecedented apparel collection and platform that invites viewers and customers to become active participants in the design process.

avaf was given access to the complete Tom of Finland archive to morph his body of work with their visual language and codes. The result is a stunning and euphoric coalition between artists that although differ in terms of generation, backgrounds and aesthetic discourse, are protagonists of underground art and share the means of alternative platforms to celebrate and advocate for sexual freedom and tolerance in the spirit of inclusion without conclusion.

This collection is a seamless continuation of avaf’s application of cultural references and artifacts as participants in their work, and is the most vivid adaptation of the Finnish artist’s drawings to date, set to add a “multisensory splash and color overdrive” to the rainbow of Tom’s Men.


In line with avaf’s ethos of engaging viewers with their work, PAOM’s customers become co-creators, and will be able to select from fifty visually explosive avaf X Tom of Finland components to virtually create custom compositions and arrangements of endless possibilities to be applied onto set apparel designs. This collaboration also marks the debut of a special feature that will allow for visitors to engage with avaf-configured environments, and will serve as a backdrop to a genderless and social media applicable avatar.

The collection features 27 unisex pieces, including designs exclusive to this project, such as the classic motorcycle jacket, muscle tank, short shorts and even a prideful flag. Each order is inevitably unique, and is specially made through PAOM’s unexampled standards or production and distribution.

assume vivid astro focus x Tom of Finland x Print All Over Me is available online.




Tom of Finland Cross-Stitch Kit

Rad, totally spectacular & I am off to order mine now!

DIY Tom of Finland cross-stitch kits. Designed by Pearler in Brisbane in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation, the kits feature the artwork of celebrated Finnish artist Tom of Finland (real name Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991). Tom of Finland is best known for his groundbreaking homoerotic iconography, which has been strongly influential on late twentieth century gay culture.

Each kit includes: Fabric – Aida 11, 2 x needles, Coloured thread, Instructions and Stitching Chart

Each kit includes: Fabric – Aida 11, 2 x needles, Coloured thread, Instructions and Stitching Chart


Pearler is an award winning multi-disciplinary Brisbane design firm that creates products of the highest quality while adding value to communities and those in need wherever possible. Pearler aims to preserve and modernise traditional and lost crafts.