G. B. JONES, Riot Jones

While most people, especially those in the queer community, are aware of the works of Tom of Finland, you would be hard pressed to find many who would know the work of G. B. Jones. Founder of the proto-riot grrrl band, Fifth Column, filmmaker and artist, Jones first published her drawings in her fanzine J.D.s (stands for Juvenile Delinquents) which she co-published with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce.

One of the aspects, of what are known as the Tom Girl drawings is the appropriation of the fetish art of Tom of Finland. While the images are, like Tom of Finland, highly erotic they also in many examples depict the figures as a threat to authority. Hence Arnold J. Kemp’s words below.

Jones gave her series of drawings names like Tattoo Girls, Cruising and I am a Fascist Pig.

Artist Arnold J. Kemp said of G.B. Jones work:

G.B. Jones has an uneasy fascination with authority and uses her gender and sexual preference to exploit fantasies of rock & roll, sex, groupies, booze, drugs, money, leather, torn jeans, motorcycles and stardom as an all out assault against values that would strive for assimilation of queer culture into the mainstream. She’s every queer girl and boy’s hero, whether you want her to be or not. Believe it or don’t, she is looking out for every queer’s best interests.

G. B. JONES bio:

Born: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, 1965 
Lives: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Early ’80s: Forms queer punk and Fifth Column
1991: Her drawings are first shown in New York galleries.
1996:  G. B. Jones, is released. It is a book of her drawings edited by Steve LaFreniere. The book is banned in Canada.
2010 – 2011: The first full and comprehensive retrospective of Jones’ work was held at Lexander in Los Angeles.



Hudson, Feature Inc gallerist, RIP


Tom of Finland Foundation and Feature Inc are the same age. The gallery represented the artist, first during the last years of his career, and presently for ToFF.  Hudson shares in Tom’s legacy by helping place his works in museums and putting many people face-to-face with his original artwork for the first time.

“In 1984 Tom brought 1,500 rough sketches from Finland to store at the Foundation. He never thought they were worthwhile outside of his archives. But I went “oh my god, these are amazing”. So immediately, I sent copies of them to our gallery in New York, Feature gallery. Hudson is an amazing man, and did so much for Tom. Hudson exhibited Tom along with artists that he inspired like G. B. Jones. He also exhibited Martin of Holland, who made drawings of scat play. He exhibited all of them in his gallery in SoHo and he never put up an explanation or a sign. This fucking sign shit. Trying to prevent someone from being offended…”
– Durk Dehner, Sex Magazine, 2014

The one, and only one Hudson, forever.

There will be a private funeral and arrangements are being made for a memorial service in June.

“Rare and Raw” – 15th February – NYC

G. B. JONES, Prison Breakkout #1, 1991, Graphite on paper, 9.00" x 7.00"

G. B. JONES, Prison Breakout #1, 1991, Graphite on paper, 9.00″ x 7.00″

A curated exhibition exploring Queer representation, historical visual culture and contemporary art production.

Queer communities are experiencing an overwhelming gap between older and younger generations—due to technology and generational lifestyles as well as the many lives decimated by AIDS. The past remains integral to Queer epistemology and representation.

Artists: Tom of Finland, G.B. Jones, William E. Jones, Zoe Leonard, Nina Levitt, Tara Mateik, Kent Monkman and Will Munro.



Rare & Raw contains a combination of contemporary installations, archival photographs, drawings, ephemera and video.

The exhibition conceptually sequences works based on themes such as power, sexuality, history and the Queer gaze. Co-curaors Steph Rogerson and Kelly McCray are pairing the works of more senior artists with their younger counterparts in order to cast light upon the different ways in which inter-generational artists engage with the same issues.