DEMOS, DADDIES & DUDES | 28th November | LA



A Benefit for Tom of Finland Foundation

Featuring erotic fetish demos for your visual delight.
Vintage Tom of Finland Foundation porn.

Hot men, sexy dancers, great drinks! Awesome music by Victor Rodriguez.


Featured Artist: Michael Kirwan

+ Everything You Need for the Holidays



It all starts at at 9p


Michael Kirwan @ Roosterfish | 11th September | LA

That Trespassing Bitch! (Detail),
Marker on paper, © KirwanArts

Artistillustrator and sometime photographer, Michael Kirwan has come a long way from his childhood attending Catholic school while growing up in New York City’s Washington Heights District.  In those days he spent most of his time sketching his own private worlds on paper bags from the local A&P because he couldn’t afford art supplies.  And, when we say he’s ‘come a long way,’ we don’t just mean relocating cross country to Los Angeles with a protracted and influential detour through Miami’s South Beach…  While Michael would be the first to tell you that no one gets rich illustrating porn, we’re pretty sure that, given his widely published and highly collectable works, he can now afford his own art supplies.  But, the greatest testament to how far he’s come is that, these days, no one is going to mistake Michael’s work as that of a good Catholic school boy!  His sexually explicit homoerotic illustrations would send the most progressive Mother Superior running for her rosary and probably a steel ruler for the artist!

I’m having a 2 month exhibition of four drawings at my favorite bar in Venice. I thought it would be nice/cool/interesting to invite the most fascinating people in California to meet me there on Wednesday night. I’m gonna get to the bar around 8:30p and stay for a couple of hours (longer if folks buy me drinks! Hahaha!!!) and I’d like you to join me there to see the artwork, me, each other, and the owner/bartender Gary Mick (outrageously HOT and a nice guy). Gary would especially like to talk to artists about booking space  for next year. So come if you can. Thanks, Michael



When will art be ready for erections again?

id_11985It’s time for art critics to pass the soap

While others avert their eyes, we toast Michael Kirwan on his fantastic book…




When Beryl Cook died four years ago there was a rush to celebrate her life’s work. Cheerful obituaries sprung up in national newspapers and across major TV channels, she was a “national treasure”. Yet throughout her career the art world refused to acknowledge Cook as one of their own.

Despite selling pieces out of her front room for around £20,000 on a fortnightly basis and receiving commissions from celebrity collectors, with no formal art education and no desire to write thought-scraping self-statements, Cook’s amusing paintings of fat Brits and their quotidian pursuits were deemed appropriate only for postcards and calendars.

A similar thing is happening in the world of erotic art today. Look at Michael Kirwan’s latest book Just So Horny, a glossy paged serving of over 100 of Kirwan’s homocentric cartoony paintings. It is immediately obvious from just flicking through that he is a brilliant artist. The compositions, facial expressions, classical references and power dynamics. His work evokes a psychological landscape that goes beyond the explicit and into a new dimension of the suggestive.

logo_smallBy Jack Cullen