Just wanted to say an extra SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who helped out to make
TOM’s birthday party such a special night:

Brent Corrigan, Jeff Neff, Patrick Staff, Alex La Cruz, Matthew Mullins, Rod Reynolds, Dusti Cunningham, Miguel Angel Reyes and Jordan Frink.

Great to see so many people as well as lots of new faces
and a whole bunch of hot young guys at TOM House too.
See y’all next year!

Stuart Sandford



PHOTOS: Dusti Cunningham


Hosting Tom of Finland Birthday Celebration (8th May, LA)

Written by Brent Corrigan

I had the most magical day on Thursday.

If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that I was invited to shoot at the Tom of Finland house in Echo Park (Los Angeles, right near Dodger’s Stadium).

Tom of Finland is an icon in the queer world.

In my opinion, ToF is one of the most substantial legacies we have to boast as a community.

I know saying that probably will have all of the PC, socially prejudicial asshole queens up in arms (don’t agree? See ample sexually explicit sketches produced by the master). But try to shed yourself of that BS notion that we’re only going to survive or THRIVE if we assimilate and domesticate. Unfortunately, we’re really not all that much like the rest of them. And you should be PROUD of the fact that you’re an individual that thinks outside of the box.

The thing about being queer is, for the longest we had to find out own way of leaving our mark on the world. For breeders, it’s as simple as having children (or so they think, many of them). But even procreation isn’t a sure bet (so many parents are plainly just disappointed with how their offspring turn out). For homosexuals, it has often about a body of work. Accomplishments. It’s like what happens when you make a eunuch, in a way. Sometimes you have to suffer, or leave a big part of yourself behind, to become a true master. Again, that’s a brash comparison. BUT, think about it. If we don’t have the stress and frustration of having to rear children, then we have all kinds of time, energy, money and TALENT to put into other things.  Divert all of that energy to bringing up a child or two the right way and not much is left for a parent. Or the rest of the community, even. The eunuchs were considered the cream of the crop of choir. Not just because their voices never deepened, but also, if you can imagine, because they never had the distraction of wanting/needing to plug it somewhere. Phew, I wasn’t sure I was going to make draw that comparison and get back the the topic at hand fast enough . . .

With that, you’re invited to TOM House to celebrate the anniversary of Tom’s birth. This Thursday, May 8th in Los Angeles.  There will be a Brent Corrigan Kissing Booth, Pin-the-Dick on the Tom and rampant Gin & Tonics (TOM’s  favorite cocktail). I’ll be there in my riding gear keeping the uniform tradition alive. Come in leather! There is no admittance, we just ask that you patronize the features and buy plenty of liquor at the bar. All proceeds go to the Foundation TOM started. More information found here: Tom of Finland Foundation Facebook page and TOM’s Foundation on Twitter

I’m hoping to pack the place – not only with fans and admirers of his work – but with other artists of all kinds of mediums! Photographers, Painters, Sculptures, Carpenters, Actors, Models! Come one, come all! And let’s celebrate with our world what it really means to leave a legacy.


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