TOM’s Bar 2019 | 16th June | LA

Parking Lot + Main Bar 4216 Melrose Avenue LA 90029

Usual friendly Faultline beverage prices!

TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991), Untitled (From Cycle Club Initiation), 1965, Graphite on paper, 10.50” x 8.00”, ©1965-2019 Tom of Finland

TOM’s Bar

When Tom passed, he didn’t want a funeral, he wanted a party, so that’s what we’ve given him for the past 28 years! Now a real tradition on Father’s Day!


Performances by

DJ Speedboat – 2p
Hardcore Tina – 3p
Sky Ferreira (DJ set) – 4p
Brooke Candy – 5p
Le1f – 6p
DJ No Sesso – 7:30p
SSION – 9:30p
Plack Blaque – 10:30p
Danny Lethal – 11:30p


Femcee: The fabulous Charlene!

Liz Lee and Cali Thornhill DeWitt and are curating a super HOT art show,
with a lineup of artists that will blow your mind:
Marcel Alcalá, Heather Benjamin, Butch Dick, Emma Kohlmann, Mike Kuchar, Brendan Lynch, Ryan McGinley, Alexis Ross, Jess Scott, and John Waters

What better way to celebrate Tom’s legacy, and his Foundation’s work as an erotic art organization that carves space for perverts and queers alike, than to include an art show this year, and inside of a gym, no less?

All of the work included in this show, Hard Sweat, is more or less figurative and either overtly includes or connotes the presence of genitals, and/or arousal in any form. Any work representing or causing arousal was our focus. As Tom famously said, “If I don’t have an erection while I’m doing a drawing, I know it’s no good.”

Opening 15th June, 6-11p with performances from Charlene and very special guests. RSVP
Sunday 16th June, 2-8 p with ticket to DaddyWood.


T-shirt by Cali DeWitt and Savage James. Modeled by Sterling Walker. Photo by Miguel Angel Reyes.

Designs by Matt Bellosi, Seth Bogart, Tamara Santibaez, Alexis Ross, and No Sesso.

Handmade wooden dildos/plugs from Finland by Teatiamo.

Ink from TOM inspired flash!

Limited slots available. Book your tat session in advance with Adam Vu Noir, Nathan Kostechko, Heather Bailey, and Tamara Santibañez

Sign up now and show us your sexy ass, smoking TOM look, and amazing moves.

And of course a party is not complete without contests like best assbest Tom character and vogue and ballroom with TOM-themed prizes!

After Sky Ferreira, around 4:45p, we will have the crowd pleasing BEST A$$ CONTEST!

During the day, after Le1f’s performance, around 7p, there will be a contest for BEST TOM CHARACTER.

After the party moves indoors, around 9p there will be a VOGUE/BALLROOM CONTEST.

Performers from our amazing line-up will be judging you!

We’ll also honor our Leather Title Holders
and talk about the important work we all do.
Duke will join Danielle
for some major boot-blacking!

Life drawing session with Miguel Angel Reyes, 2-4p.

MODELS: Darren and Ronan

Starting at 2:00 till 7:30p, we’ll be hosting our contests, live performances and honor our title holders in the parking lot. Also from 2:00 to 7:30p, you’ll be able to check out the art show in the gallery and tattoos in the parlor.

From 7:30p till 1:00a we’ll move the party inside the main bar with DJs, more contests and a very special performance by Plack Blague.


Annual Fundraiser for TOM’s Foundation

So join us. Please, all these efforts go to keeping our mission going.
We can only do it with folks like YOU.


72 Photos Get You In Father’s Day Mood for TOM’s Bar/DaddyWood.

Unbuckle your belt for a fully immersive experience, combining fine art, music, video and performance. And a ton of horny dads and lads looking to make it happen.
Tom of Finland Foundation is going to grab your head with its big hands and hold you in place while it turns Father’s Day upside down with a fully immersive experience. And a bunch of horny dads and boys in a parking lot.
There is a censorship war in the U.S. right now if you didn’t notice. Contributing to the Foundation directly fights the growing movement to censor erotic art.

Including VIP Packages and Tattoos (Early Bird tickets already sold out!)

Check out TOM’s Bar 2019 DaddyWood Facebook Event




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