SOLD OUT Clothing – Tom of Finland T-shirts

SOLD OUT Clothing is excited to announce the full launch of their line of t-shirts incorporating a selection of images licensed to them by Tom of Finland Foundation. The buzz has been building as porn stars and Gay celebs have been spotted on the streets and out on the town in an amazing array of color combinations that SOLD OUT is able to customize for them. Photographers and stylists from the UK to New York are requesting items for photoshoots, and people may catch glimpses of their shirts in some of their favorite porn studios’ upcoming releases. SOLD OUT is committed to not only creating new and exciting items to share in their new line, but is also committed to their support of Tom of Finland Foundation.

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Tom Pillows in Extreme Decor Magazine

This article came up in the Tom of Finland Google Alerts. The pink princess room has Tom pillows, it’s as if I designed it myself!!! We should get a copy of this issue for the archives…

 “To offset the pink, he chose black-and-white accents such as Tom of Finland toile pillows—which feature leather-clad men with whips.”

Most Absurd Quotes in New York Mag’s “Extreme Decor” Issue

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, by Sarah Firshein

Image Gallery
The bedroom in designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz’s beach house in the Rockaways, Queens.

Photos: Dean Kaufman

In a city full of extreme living—from 90-square-foot apartments to those on the market for $90M—there are only so many ways to woo New York magazine design editor Wendy Goodman. As has been previously established, one’s space must be somehow superlative, with bonus points awarded to anything designed by Annabelle Seldorf, lighting fixtures made of industrial bread tins, and rooms that include all of the following at once: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, Zaha Hadid, taupe, MoMA, Wedgwood, Visionaire, platinum, and B&B Italia. Which makes the just-released Spring 2011 Design Issue—aptly named “Extreme Decor”—particularly fascinating. In it, Goodman gets a closer look at that incredible crocheted apartment we featured here on Curbed in March, as well as Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz’s beach house, Amy Sedaris’s crafting area, and fashion designer Sylvia Heisel’s crazy, black-and-white rental (first photo above). The photos above speak for themselves, but then again, so do these:

· “On the walls, Olek crocheted graphic representations of text messages from various former lovers. ‘They can be forgiven once they are crocheted,’ she says.” [link]

· “Olek’s crochet needle will stop at no item, not even leftovers in the fridge.” [link]

· “During the day, the bed is made up with a formal roll pillow with canvas wrapped around it and a giant paint-spattered bedspread.” [link]

· “When describing the living room, Nixon quotes Diana Vreeland: ‘Pink is the navy blue of India.'” [link]

· “Sedaris’s kitchen is filled with fake meat and other artificial edibles.” [link]

· “What Sedaris calls the ‘baby’s room’ is actually her crafting corner. (‘I never have children over, by the way.’)” [link]

· Sedaris’s living room contains some of her favorite pieces, including a lamp shade made with hair samples and a teacup filled with fake tea.” [link]

· “‘Pink is usually for little girls. So I thought, Why don’t we see if we can make it strong and powerful, for two men?’ Noriega-Ortiz says.” [link]

· “To offset the pink, he chose black-and-white accents such as Tom of Finland toile pillows—which feature leather-clad men with whips.” [link]

Straight erotica—Namio Harukawa

Hey Guys—I’m always attuned to any mention of Tom or erotic art in general whilst snuffling through various media platforms. It’s just second nature to get inklings of how our specialty is perceived beyond the confines of our august community.  We’re pretty knowledgeable about the field and Tom’s contribution in particular but I think it’s interesting to see how Tom’s oeuvre is translated in the “outside” world. Recently I was perusing DANGEROUS MINDS and although the site focuses mainly on music, they have pieces on various other cultural and political features as well. I found this article about a truly remarkable erotic artist from Japan and a Tom reference. I thought I’d share it with the folks here soooo….

I’m pretty excited to know that there are so many people worldwide that know who Tom is and how his art has permeated the social consciousness. Also, I just gotta say that it is a pleasure to be introduced to an artist I’ve never heard of before, especially one with a truly unique style, one that is totally at odds with the trite, patriarchal and misogynistic attitude common in so many “straight” illustrations…Later, Michael