Gift to ToFF Library, “Mein schwules Auge” Volume 7 by Rinaldo Hopf

Mein schwules Auge Volume 7

Offering a diverse selection of gay erotic literature, art, and photography, this evocation contains contributions from both American and European writers, artists, and photographers. The featured essays, short stories, poems, and artwork focus on the provocative subject of obsessions, demonstrating the changes in every medium of erotic art from one year to the next. Showing how the genre is constantly and creatively reinventing itself, this is a fascinating look at a versatile form of expression.












Media: Paperback Book, 320 pages
Publisher: Konkursbuchverlag
ISBN-10: 3887693973
ISBN-13: 9783887693978

Thanks to Rinaldo Hopf




John Waters on Queer art


“Looking around my living room – trying to think if there’s anything here you’d define as Queer art? I don’t have a lot of male nudes hanging around. To my mind, Queer art is homoerotic art. I have a Tom of Finland in Baltimore; I guess you’d call that Queer art. I have an Andy Warhol Asshole.

-John Waters

Artillery, Vol. 5 Issue 5