Long Beach Erotic Art Show – People Make It Possible

We want to thank the artists who give us so much and who gave it all for this Show:
Axel, Belasco, Jenny Wrenn, Michael Kirwan, Steve MacIssac,
Steven H. Garcia and Sean Platter.

Thanks to Miguel Angel Reyes who conducts artistry.
SOLD OUT Clothing gave us one smart and sexy experience.
Anthony Coretz creates and entertains.
JayPG Photography, your host. Brad Taylor, MC par excellence.
Pistons, a “home” in Long Beach.
Give it up for them!

ToFF Volunteers rule – every one of them.
Mucho thanks to Tom and Steve who came out from Florida
and busted ass, and our friends here who never fail.

Art makes our lives fuller.
Giving back makes our lives richer.
People make it possible.






Larry Kephart, you are a HUGE supporter of art and artists,
we thank you for that, AND we thank you for taking these photos.

View the event gallery at World of Tom of Finland HERE