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Role of Tom of Finland in new Finnish play

Helsingin Sanomat, Thursday September 15th, 2011, Kulttuuri.

Kirjoittanut Suna Vuori
Translated by Maija Liisa Ingebrigtsen

In the new play at the Finnish national theater, HOMO! Actor Seppo Paakkonen is playing the role of, amongst others, Tom of Finland. Paakkonen and fellow actor Santeri Kinnunen from Helsinki City Theatre discuss playing gay parts as heterosexual persons.


According to the actors, sexuality is an essential part of the work that you do with your whole identity, body and soul. “An actor is using his or her sensuality all the time,” Kinnunen and Paakkonen say almost synchronized. “It’s related to everything: gestures, being on stage, finding different sides of yourself, contact with audience. The famous charisma is by far precisely sexual awareness and self-knowledge.”

Verkkosukat! Helsingin Kaupunginteatterin Lainahöyhenten Santeri Kinnunen ja Kansallisteatterin HOMO!n
Seppo Pääkkönen, molemmat heteroita, ovat keskustelleet tunnin verran homoroolien tekemisestä.

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