An open letter to Mr. S Leathers re: Folsom Street Fair 2011

My Good Richard and Jonathan,

What can I say? A fantastic time was had by all at this year’s Folsom Street Fair. Everyone here at Tom of Finland Foundation owes you our thanks.

Over the course of 8 hours, we talked to more than 400 people, and received more than 300 new names for our monthly email newsletter concerning erotic art exhibitions and opportunities from around the world.

When we hear that local Gay/Lesbian centers find images of Michelangelo’s David (WITH fig leaf) too “obscene” to be displayed publicly, because the phrase “Erotic Art” is featured behind it, our blood runs cold. The new generation of Gay conservatives that believe the only Gay men who deserve their civil rights are those who have the same desires as Heterosexual women, have long placed the blame for the Plague years on the Leather community, and are currently  actively and aggressively trying to divorce “sexuality” from homosexuality.

Because for your assistance, we are able help educate those alienated from their own history about who provided the positive, masculine role-models that gave us the strength to stand up, to act up, and to fight back – not only at Stonewall, but across the country and around the world.

Thank you for helping protect, preserve and promote the erotic arts, and for recognizing the value contained therein. We look forward to working with Brian on your  project, and again, you have our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Only the best,

ToFF Fundraising Coordinator



Keith Webb