From a recent e-mail received from a friend of TOM’s work

Mineshaft Tom

L to R – Tom, Wally, Etienne

Dear Gentlemen,

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom at his first exhibit at the Robert Samuel Gallery back in the late 70s or early 80s. I’d attended with Robert Mapplethorpe and met them both later that night at the Mineshaft. Tom’s English was quite limited at the time, but he was kind enough to sign the exhibit announcement card for me. Despite the language barrier, he was delightful, and now, a much appreciated memory. Thanks guys for doing what you do.

All best,

David B. Boyce

TOM at Miljonair Fair 2011

For the first time worldwide, an LGBT male/gay art gallery was represented at the Millionaire Fair. Gallerie Mooiman participated in the 10th annual Fair held in December in Amsterdam. A job well done by gallerists Jan van Stralen and Sandro Kortekaas.

Proceeds from the work sold at auction were donated to the Friends of the Gaykrant Foundation.

Tom of Finland pages from the catalogue.

Tom of Finlands driving force through the four decades of his artistic career was to provide positive role models for Gay men inspiring messages of self pride and happiness in men loving men. His work transcended into the popular culture and became part of the culture.


His works reside in many museums of the world like MoMA in New York. He has been hailed as one of the most influential artists of the last century. It is difficult to find any one other individual who has done more for Gay liberation than this humble Finn who spent most of his working career in his studios in Finland and America.