Mark Herman has passed away

Mark Alan Herman
October 19, 1955 – November 4, 2012

Mark processed many elements of the well-rounded Homosexual. He knew a bit about almost anything but was only interested in a select few things at each station of his life. I knew Mark from 1977 to 2012 and I can truly state that he was one of the sexiest men to walk this planet. Oh, was he charming. He was a motorcyclist, a designer, a heavily driven maniacal perfectionist. Back in the late 1970s, Mark, working with Waldo Fernandez, created the look of the trendy Trumps on Melrose. He was one of the coolest of friends I could ever have had.

Mark and I were biking buds, mountain back-packing bros and we messed around off and on in the dungeons of L.A. We just pushed each other to be even sexier. This restless spirit was practically the inventor of tight – that’s how he wore his leathers – tied off and tight. He was kinky to a most pleasant degree. He had impeccable taste in men, and well, one man in particular that he met through me… Mark had big beautiful lips that you just wanted to kiss.

Mark models for a Drawing Workshop in 2003 

Mark was so damn brutal to his own physical muscle, the heart, and had such a capacity to use it with the men he loved and the men who loved him. Everyone felt good around Mark.

It was never the right time for Mark to leave us, he had come back so many times, and I was looking forward to seeing him again, as always. I couldn’t count on him to show up for a dinner party but I could always expect him to sail into my life with some wacky new twist… we’re Queers… it’s expected of us.

Love you Mark,