“VERBOTEN” – New REX book






REX, “Helping Hand” (Detail), 1989, Pen and ink on paper, © 2012 Rex

Rex is one of the foremost artists of forbidden and politically incorrect sexual activity among men, his is more than merely “Gay art”. Rex the artist is a historian, a voyeur, a muckraker and a trouble maker, a provocateur, a sensualist and a hedonist, the sensualist and a hedonist, the sensitive and observant portrayer of a secret world…

The world of leather and denim, steamy basements and grimy garages, anonymous sweaty tops and groveling sexpigs is perfectly suited to his black & white detailed and moody pointillistic renderings.

 -Bob Mainardi, San Francisco, 2012

A comprehensive collection of the ingenious work of REX.
His gloomy masterpieces lead us into a world full of lust and submission, full of dominance and sexual power.

128 Pages
8.50″ x 11.25″