Valentine Hooven – Palm Springs – through 30th November

Oils, Drawings and Wood Burnings by Valentine Hooven

An inspiring and unique installation.

On display are the artist’s exquisite and masterful works
in several of his favorite mediums.

May 25, 1943, 1400 hours — born at the height of WW II, Valentine was raised everywhere from Great Falls, Montana, to Berlin, Germany, attended the Philadelphia College of Art on scholarship for one and two-thirds years before having a nervous breakdown and going into the Merchant Marines as a deck hand on Mobil Oil supertankers. Back ashore, he became involved in live theater,  first as a stage hand, later holding just about every position a theater offered, beginning in Philly, then Frisco, then to Hollywood to become a stunt man before his creative illustrations finally began to sell to the Gay magazines, appearing in most of the popular publications of the 1980s and ’90s until focusing on Handjobs, which has published all of his erotic work since 1999.

Being a versatile and creative Gemini, Valentine always tended to work in a variety of mediums, the most notable of which is pyrography (wood burning), a medium popular only with two million Boy Scouts and the artist. Of late, he has taken up oil painting again for the first time since art school and Valentine says he is surprised to find himself experiencing a sudden (at the age of 69) rejuvenation in his art, especially in the large-scale canvases that inspire him more than anything else ever has.


TOM night @ Hercules – Helsinki

STROKE – That monthly party for all open-minded boys, butches, bears and their buddies. Underground, forward thinking disco and house, hosted with love by DJ Mr.A & Friends. Every last friday of the month at Gayclub Hercules. FRIDAY / PERJANTAI – 26.10.2012

An older gentleman from the really isolated part of Finland – 6 hours north of Helsinki – told about how he jerks off in a room full of leather to TOM art. When he walked into the club with the Tom’s men on the walls he said, “Olen tullut kotiin” [I have come home]. He got to sniff the crotch of a pair of Tom’s leather pants and he was in absolute heaven. Everyone had a blast, a good night all ’round.


‘We the People’ at Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Space – through 17th November

Organized by the curator Alison Gingeras and the conceptual artist Jonathan Horowitz, this crowded, stylistically various show of works by 55 artists includes patriotic posters by Norman Rockwell and LeRoy Neiman, but the overall drift is — no surprise — leftward.

The prevailing aesthetic and social pluralism embrace a drawing of two cowboys by the master of the gay porn cartoon, Tom of Finland; a full-length portrait of the feminist politician Bella Abzug by Alice Neel; and a collage titled “Black History” by Romare Bearden. The white middle class takes hits from a super-realist sculpture of a scruffy youth called “High School Student” by Duane Hanson and a weirdly funny, scatological painting of a nuclear family at home by Nicole Eisenman.

We the People

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space
455 West 19th Street, Chelsea

Through 9th November




2nd November: We would like to assure you that while the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space’s current exhibition, “We the People,” remains closed until power and mass transit are restored, no damage or flooding has been incurred to the building or to artworks as a result of the storm.  We are all greatly relieved and look forward to reopening to the public next week.