Russia moves to enact anti-Gay law nationwide

1a45f2338b873c02270f6a7067000ec0In this Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012 file photo, Russian Gay rights campaigner Pavel Samburov (center left) and five other Gay rights activists kiss during a protest near the State Duma, Russia’s lower parliament chamber, in Moscow, Russia. A controversial bill banning “Homosexual propaganda” has been submitted to Russia’s lower house of parliament for the first of three hearings Tuesday, Jan. 22. 2013. Associated Press/Misha Japaridze. 

“I love Russia, but I want another Russia,” said Abduljalilov, 30, who now works as a clerk. “It’s a pity I can’t spend my life on creative projects instead of banging my head against the wall and repeating, ‘I’m normal, I’m normal.’ “



In September, 2012 a major collaboration in St. Petersburg was cancelled following a hugely successful exhibition of Tom of Finland in the Gay artist’s home city of Turku, Finland. This was done on the advice of the British Embassy due to the severe and insidious  laws that had been passed. Now the same laws are being rolled out across the whole of Russia: A worrying development, especially as homophobic and transphobic violence increases. -Homotopia