L. A. Band of Brothers roll up their [leather] sleeves @ TOM House

Fundraising, moving furniture – restoring furniture, creating art, framing art, stained glass repair, arranging, scrubbing, laughing… is there anything these men can’t do?


ToFF couldn’t do all we do without their
help and support and we are 100% grateful.
LABB WHITE-Los-Angeles

Los Angeles Band of Brothers is a fraternal organization of titleholders who have competed in the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest. They dedicate themselves to the support of the Leather and LGBTQ Communities for the betterment of all.


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REX donates to ToFF’s permanent collection

REX (American), Leather Bar, 1978, Pen & ink on paper, 13.63 X 17.25, © 1978 Drawings by REX

REX (American), Leather Bar, 1978, Pen & ink on paper, 13.63″ x 17.25″
© 1978 Drawings by REX

This is the earliest original REX in the artist’s collection. It was done in 1978 for a French porno film poster and was returned to him in the 1990s when he was in living in New York. On July 10, 1981, a major fire on Folsom Street in San Francisco destroyed the homes (along with artwork and photographs) of REX, photographer Mark I. Chester and many Leathermen. As such, Leather Bar is one of the few original drawings surviving from his pre-1980 period. 

REX tells the story of encountering Tom of Finland’s liberating images in a magazine store in Manhattan in the ‘60s. Tom’s work was life changing for Homosexuals who encountered it. REX was no exception and he admits how TOM’s integrity influenced him.

ToFF is honored to accept this
historical and significant gift
into its collection.