Sister Cities of St. Petersburg, Russia: Suspend “Sister City” Status Until Anti-Gay Law is Repealed

What do Los Angeles, Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Florida have in common? They, along with several other cities around the globe, are Sister Cities to St. Petersburg, Russia — one of the most homophobic cities in the world.



St. Petersburg’s “gay propaganda” law singles out a vulnerable minority group for persecution and legitimizes violence against LGBT people. World cities that value LGBT human rights have an obligation to suspend their Sister City relationships with St. Petersburg, as Venice and Milan have already done, until this unconscionable law is repealed.

St. Petersburg’s malicious anti-gay law was exported to the rest of Russia when President Vladimir Putin signed a national “gay propaganda” ban.

St. Petersburg’s Sisters:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Helsinki, Finland
State of Maryland, USA
Paris, France
Antwerp, Belgium
Barcelona, Spain
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Québec City, Québec, Canada
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Göteborg, Sweden
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Manchester, United Kingdom
Melbourne, Australia
Hamburg, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden

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