TOM House celebrates – 20th March – LA

 Celebrating the Spring Equinox

Wednesday, 7:00 PM – Midnight
(Smack dab in the middle of L. A. LEATHER PRIDE, which is very fitting)

Tom of Finland Foundation
Echo Park

OLAF (American, 1938-1997), Untitled (Detail), 1993, Oil on board, © 1993 Olaf

OLAF (American, 1938-1997), Untitled (Detail), 1993, Oil on board, © 1993 Olaf

 Special Guest – COLTON FORD

Our OFFERINGS Spring is a time of new beginnings. It’s when seeds sprout, cells multiply, animals seek mates and the hunger swells. Nature’s forces draw us out into the moonshadow with all its glorious energies paying homage to our yearnings. In ancient and pagan tradition, we shall erect an Altar to the Almighty PHALLUS. This shrine on this special day will be as magnificent as the tributes it receives as offerings to the Exalted COCK.

So bring your fetishes – be one yourself. Make sure to bring along some food and drink to satisfy your palate and entice your brethren. This is a celebration of Nymphs and Faeries, Satyrs and Demons, Warlocks and High Priestesses with good ol’ Lucifer manifesting through some of the Hell Raisers out for a night of pleasuring. All are encouraged to bring a garment, some gear, a book or work of art – items of interest – to hawk, peddle or barter, to make the evening all the more interesting. Sexy dress. Bring something for the TOM House donation jar, larger tax-deductible donations are always perfectly acceptable.

Our Pleasure Park will be open for planting and seeding, with a May Pole creation, Nordic Rune casting, a tribal Smoke Lodge (cigars) and a hut for making things grow (pumping). Special prayers can be verbalized and internalized in our Pit where they empower all of us as Gods and Goddesses of the Homosexual Realm.

This is the RITES OF SPRING – Let it be your new awakening. We all grew up having to cover up and adjust to society. Never forget we are woven from uncommon threads of life. Consider the possibilities. Come and be authentically YOU.

DJ RocketManLA

Please email
to let us know you are coming.