Francesco reaches his goal!

Sharp and Francesco

Sharp and Francesco. Photos by Miguel Reyes.

On behalf of the SF AIDS Foundation and LGBT I’d like to thank the Tom of Finland visitors for your kind and generous donations. With your generosity and support I have reached my goal of $5,000.00 and plus. 


All the artwork that was done in the drawing workshop was sold with proceeds going to the AIDS/Lifecycle.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who came to my fundraiser – I enjoyed seeing you. Thank you for your generosity, time and good wishes. Special thanks goes to Miguel Angel Reyes for putting together this AIDS/LifeCycle event and S. R. Sharp and Durk Dehner of Tom of Finland Foundation for hosting!!!

Also, a big thank you to Terry Grand, Roger Warnix, Thomas Rogillio, Jim Patrone for supporting me on this amazing journey. It’s a pleasure to have met you and I am looking forward to more fun times. 


Francesco Guglielmino

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