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Tom of Finland represented at ARLIS/NA

Pasadena was under siege during April 25-29, 2013, as the 41st Annual ARLIS/NA Conference took place. ARLIS/NA is the Art Libraries Society of North America, whose members represent universities, museums and art schools.

Tom of Finland Foundation was invited to participate on a panel, “Queering Our Collections: Three Important LGBTQ Archives”. Marti Pike, Cataloging Librarian, discussed the uniqueness and organization of the library and the archives. She also shared the progress of making the library’s collection accessible to the public through LibraryThing.

toni.arlis - 480

Toni Rodriguez [above], Copy Cataloger, illustrated how TOM House is used as a public and private space, and the challenges of living and working in a museum.  She also stressed the importance of the Foundation as a vital community space for other local organizations such as L. A. Band of Brothers and Avatar, as well as the concerns of protecting the art and library collections.