“Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero”

“I spent every day in a hectic office trying to create something unique for an ad; then the evenings and the weekends I spent drawing my private fantasies. Sometimes I’d work the whole night through and complete two or three drawings.” – Tom of Finland


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Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero
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TOM’s Foundation wishes MrGAY FINLAND well at Mr Gay World | 31st July | Antwerp

Janne Monterrey, MrGay Finland 2012. Photo: Jarmo Teinilä

Janne Tiilikainen, MrGay Finland 2012. Photo: Jarmo Teinilä



Good luck to Janne at the Mr Gay World contest in Brussels!

Mr Gay World (MGW) is an annual contest for Gay men, seeking to establish ambassadors for LGBT and human rights, with winners of national contests competing as delegates in a variety of categories.

This competition takes place over an intense four days and is one of the most publicized Gay contests in the world. The organization aims to unite the Gay community all over the world in a strong common cause.


Janne will bring with him a representation of his own view of Gay culture in Finland.




FOLSOM EUROPE | 14-15th September | Berlin

logoFOLSOM EUROPE has modeled themselves after the example of San Francisco, their street festival is also called Folsom. Folsom is more than just a street name, it is a symbol for a fetish event under the open skies.

The idea was born in the Summer of 2003. Two leathermen (from Berlin and Bonn) had the original idea for the Festival. They passed it around the German leather scene at the Mr. Leather Contest in Hamburg in October 2003 and quickly found plenty of interest. Shortly afterwards they obtained the official licensing rights and web domains and then registered the club and its plans in the city register.

FOLSOM EUROPE  was a small event in numbers in 2004: 5.000. But it gradually it has became bigger: 25.000 alone in 2011! It is produced in cooperation with its members and Berlin based fetish companies.

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