Tom of Finland Seura buttons

nadja_buttons - CopyRecently I had the opportunity to design buttons for the Tom of Finland Seura. I’ve been a fan of the art of Touko Laaksonen for years. I can’t think of any more skilled pencil work really. His style is so unique and has so much importance for the Gay community. It has always saddened me that people don’t appreciate his art. All they see in it is porn. Yes, there is a lot of that too, but you could label any art into one aspect of it. Picasso can be just childish color splashing and Kandinsky just silly lines… well, art is always up to the viewer. We see different things in the same picture. I see a lot more than porn in the art of Tom of Finland. For me it was an honor to do nice buttons for the organization.

As Homosexuals we get to choose who tells our stories

“TOM agreed to me doing the writing because, he said, ‘you write the way I draw, very masculine, but with a sense of humor!’ Throughout the course of the following year, he was involved in creating virtually every page of the book. To emphasize that fact, I often left parts of the tale in his own words, so the reader would be aware that it was not just a biography but almost an autobiography as well.” —F. Valentine Hooven, III

Life and work of a gay hero-cover

Hooven is the author of the new, full-length biography, Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero, published by the Gay-owned Bruno Gmünder Verlag, and an artist-member of Tom of Finland Foundation.

Now a soft-cover, 256-page anthology which covers TOM’s life. With countless drawings and many photos, it paints a detailed portrait that is as complex and life-affirming as the artist himself.

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