Copper | 7th December | LA




Copper: The Art of Spanking


Besides being part of fetish history, Copper is one of the few living artists from Drummer Magazine. He is also a Gay icon and pillar of the community.

Remarkably, in 2014, Copper is scheduled to publish his 1,000th work of fetish art. Antebellum is proud to present the first exhibition of Copper’s works.

Opening Reception: Saturday, 6p

After Montezland | Through 31st December | Online



ROBERTO GUSTO, Eastern Bloc, East Village, NYC, 2012, Digital

ROBERTO GUSTO, Eastern Bloc, East Village, NYC, 2012, Digital

Dedicated to Mario Montez (1935-2013)

You’re there with a camera. You have a moment to yourself. You’re not on the front line, for once. Wonder manifests itself. You make a photograph of it. You see in metaphors. You press the button.

Look up at monuments melting. Some things take thousands of years to decompose. Other forms last mere seconds. You can’t see most of it anyway because we’re time-based too, and senses have their own parameters. In the grand scheme, you come to appreciate that nothing in your life lasts that long. It’s a nice thought really. We all participate in this splendid plane of existence. But we’re not always being chopped up in the machinery. In those moments between swinging blades, you make notes – you pick up a camera.