A treasure and collector’s item for true admirers



Over the past 20 years, db/queerart has worked only as a nonprofit promotional tool for Queer artists, collectors and promoters/researchers. We’ve become respected and appreciated by some of the world’s greatest Homo artists, galleries ad organisations. Not in the least through the relentless input and uncompromising stand of our fellow founding member Martin van de Logt. 

That is why his close friends and admirers of his art, together with the custodians of his art legacy decided that we could best honour his memory by presenting a printed tribute anthology with over 140 of his greatest works together with written articles by fellow Queer art promoter and Tom of Finland Foundation president Durk Dehner in LA; fellow NYC, SF and Amsterdam artist REX; LA art historian and artist Richard Hawkins; and myself, Ad Schuring.

There is much to understand and much more yet unexplained within the ever expanding boundaries of possibilities all spurred onward by our desires, urges and cravings. The art of walking on the edge between safety and danger, between life and death as Lou Reed’s song “Walk on the Wild Side” with a watchful eye on new explanations as we chart our ways back to out most primal natures. -Durk Dehner

Not a cheaply mass-produces product, it is lovingly designed and printed with the utmost care.

Limited one-time edition of just 480. No reprints will ever be done.

Limited one-time edition of just 480. No reprints will ever be done. €45.00