Celebrate Tom with his art | 8th May | Helsinki






Photo of Tom by Patrick Sarfati

Photo of Tom by Patrick Sarfati

Welcome to the celebration of
Tom of Finland’s (Touko Laaksonen’s) 96th birthday!
At The Pleasure of Play

11AM–5PM: Coffee is served! Paulig offers us their new Tom of Finland coffee

1PM: Talk by Durk Dehner, president & cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation (in English)

2PM, 3PM and 4PM: The Out’n loud choir sings “Vihmalintu” by Touko Laaksonen


Composition by Touko Laaksonen

4PM–6PM: Discussion: Touko Laaksonen as a person (in English)

With: Stefan Kalmár, curator of the exhibition and director of Artists Space, New York; Kati Mustola, researcher; Susanna Luoto, researcher. The discussion is moderated by PhD Livia Heikanaho.