#TomOfFinlandDay | 8th May 2017 | World Wide

*Tom of Finlandin syntymäpäivä | Tom of Finland födelsedag | Birthday of Tom of Finland Putinki.fi


Bar. Bistro. Beach. Bowling Alley. Back Alley. BBQ. Bedroom.

Wherever you are. Raise your glasses. 
Celebrate Tom’s Birthday.
Throw a happening. Hang out with friends. Hit a club.
Gather together. Invite all your friends. Hook up.

Make something special. Create your own event on Facebook and post the event or announcement on this page (also link to this event from your event).

Add photos. Add stories. Make a card. Show your pride. Take the party ’round the globe.

Tom was born Touko Valio Laaksonen on 8th May 1920, in Kaarina, southwest Finland. The Finnish word for the month of May is “Toukokuu”.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää Tom!



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