“A Spaghetti Dress for World Peace” | 2nd September | LA

Timothée Calame, Victoria Colmegna, Catharine Czudej,
Oto Gillen, Sam Grossinger, Gypsy Sport, Paul Heyer, Megan Marrin,
Mark McKnight, David Muenzer, Laura Owens, Bailey Scieszka,
Heji Shin, Tom of Finland, Dena Yago, Dardan Zhegrova

The show is about how people have particular values and morals, and ideal ways of being in the world, which all apply both to their working lives and personal lives. These values are almost always perverted by the “noise” of encounter––with media, conflicted relationships, class warfare, world events, the environment––sending them towards some other unanticipated reality (I want to emphasize that not one of these aspects should be over or under-emphasized, but that they are all at play and moving through us at all times). Sometimes people try to transmit these into their work––the values, the “noise,” and the interaction of the two. The artworks in the show are all dealing with this same phenomenon in themselves, but then on a second level are asking to be understood in aesthetic terms for contemplation. Under evaluation is the possibility of transmitting such a political experience through the process of becoming an artwork in a particular market context. The title of the show, A Spaghetti Dress for World Peace, is borrowed from an article in the New York Times about fashion designer Miguel Adrover, and I think it perfectly encapsulates the significance, and perhaps senselessness (or ultimate desire and sense), of trying to enact this process, of taking a moral or political stance through an artwork that will always be a luxury good existing in the world, and dramatizing that course of action in various ways.                     ––Paul Soto, 2nd September 2017

Saturday, 6-8p
On view through 21st October



Art on the Edge

This episode of the #TASCHENpodcast is all about testing the boundaries, taking risks, and creating extraordinary images in precarious, sometimes life-threatening, circumstance.

With the release of the new Tom of Finland biopic, we speak with TASCHEN’s Dian Hanson

and director, actor, comedian, and life-long Tom fan John Waters

ca.2004 — John Waters — Image by © R¸dy Waks/Corbis Outline

to discuss Tom of Finland’s proud, joyful, hyper-masculine homo-erotica and its transformative influence on Gay culture.

Vito Giallo, former Personal Assistant to Andy Warhol, shares his memories of working with Warhol on the cusp of art fame, and the intricate practice behind his witty, cheeky, irresistible Illustrated Books from the 1950s, now reprinted by TASCHEN.

Finally, Magnum-photographer Steve McCurry describes his first, hair-raising crossing into Afghanistan in 1979 and his subsequent travels across the country, seeking out every-day humanity, even in the most extreme landscapes and war-torn locations.


TOGETHER | 24-26th August | Stockholm

The largest public event of Finland’s centenary celebration organised outside Finland.

Finland will be introduced in Stockholm through a diverse programme. In the centre of Stockholm almost 300 artists will perform during the street party; in addition to music, stand-up comedy, children’s theatre, circus arts and meetings with writers will be seen on stage.

The City of Turku was invited to Stockholm because of their long shared history and close collaborations.

Near the main stage, the City will present:

  • Tom of Finland exhibition from Tom of Finland Foundation
  • Ruisrock festival, the renowned popular rave
  • Puf, a concept design store

On the main stage on Saturday:

  • Turku City Theatre will perform numbers from the Tom of Finland musical

Come, experience the best of Finland and celebrate the happy anniversary!

Thursday and Friday 12:00 – 22:00
Saturday 10:00 – 22:00

Fira Finland 100 med Tom of Finland
By Jon Voss for QX