Tom of Finland Foundation Life Drawing Session | 8th April | LA


Uninstructed Nude Figure Drawing and Painting

Each month the Foundation offers a friendly
and positive environment to practice your skills.
Please bring your own materials.

Sunday, 1-4p

[Early arrival suggested due to parking availability]

Spinning the tunes: DJ RocketManLA, with over 100,000 songs!

MODELS: Glenn and Sam


Coordinator: Miguel Angel Reyes
Reservations Required
(Even when you buy your ticket online)

Kindly notify if you must cancel.

$30 suggested donation upon arrival.
$25 in advance from Eventbrite
Scholarship funds available.

Please use your phone outside the drawing area.
(No photography)

TOM House
Echo Park

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TOM | 1st April | Berlin

One Holiday | Two Events

Tom of Finland
DVD Release Meet-and-Greet
With Niklas Hogner (plays part of Kake in movie)

Generous sponsor of Tom of Finland Foundation

My Gay Eye/Mein schwules Auge
Tom of Finland Special Edition

Book Launch and Discussion
With the Museum, Tom of Finland Foundation, publisher, editor and contributors


“Super Schwul” | 25th March | Groningen NL

Not just Schwul, but Super Schwul!

With this catchy title, this is a great nod to our German neighbors and a long tradition to show German artists in the gallery. A group exhibition in which six artists from mainly the Schwule Szene of Berlin are showing their latest work:

Photography Daniel M. Schmude, Johnny Alexandre Abbate; Pen and ink drawings Musk Ming; Porcelain Hendrik Schink; Linocuts Hannes Steinert; Watercolors Rinaldo Hopf.

An exhibition that shows the freedom of artists. From Schwul fairy tales to Schwul polka dancing cowboys.

At the exhibition, the new Mein Schwulles Auge/My Gay Eye will be presented.


On view through 27th May 2018