Mein schwules Auge / My Gay Eye – Hommage an Tom of Finland | 5th July | Munich

YU-LIANG LIU, Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace

An exhibition and book presentation by Rinaldo Hopf with a selection of works from the anthology.

This special Tom of Finland Foundation edition deals with the iconic artist (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991) and his effect on subsequent generations.

Some of the artists being shown are Aries, Domino, Etienne, Gorilla, Link, Minoru, Muscle Matt, Nigel Kent, Norman Deigan, Patrick Lee, Rick Castro, and The Hun.

Rinaldo will be on hand to sign copies of the book and was an artist-in-residence at Tom of Finland Foundation.


The exhibition will be on view during Christopher Street Day and through 22nd July.



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My Gay Eye is a 400-page anthology of 120 queer artists from around the world who were influenced by Tom of Finland. Since 1984, Tom of Finland Foundation has been the guardian of this treasure trove of art, which shows the enduring influence of the Finnish gay icon. As stated by Durk Dehner, the Foundation’s president, “Artists are the shamans of our community, they show us things we could not see ourselves.”

Tom of Finland isn’t just one of our favorite artists. He’s an inspiration. In honor of the 14th annual volume of the anthology My Gay Eye, we reached out to Durk Dehner, the cofounder and president of Tom of Finland Foundation to talk a little bit about 10 of our favorite pieces from the latest volume. And you’ll want to make sure to get your own copy of My Gay Eye, which features more than 120 different artists over its 400 pages, alongside text contributions from Michael Bullock, Kevin Clarke, Jamison Karon and Ralf König.