TOM’s Foundation is funded by people like you

As you know, here at Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF), we are committed to keeping Tom’s vision and spirit alive; a spirit that celebrates Gay life, Homo sex, the Queer community, and the Arts.

We are asking for your support in keeping Tom’s Foundation operating as the world-renowned collection of homoerotic art that it is; a beacon of Tom’s legacy and spirit; a sponsor of community events throughout the world and the cultural phenomenon that we have all come to know and love.

We stay busy here at TOM House and likewise, we are excited to announce our newly revamped Membership Benefits Program, including our handsome new translucent membership card (see above).  New benefits include:

  • Discounts on all full priced items (excluding the Bjarne Melgaard x Bjørg jewelry) at the Tom of Finland online store (you can find discount percentages online at our Members Page).
    • A one-time discount percentage for your first online purchase
    • An ongoing discount percentage for your subsequent online purchases
  • Free or reduced admission to Tom of Finland sponsored events, including:
    • Our upcoming Art & Culture Festival at TOM House in Los Angeles, 6th-7th October 2018
    • The annual TOM’s Bar at Faultline in Los Angeles celebrating Tom of Finland on Father’s Day
    • 2018 Movie Screening Series: #films4fags at TOM House in Los Angeles
    • Various exhibitions throughout the U.S. and the world.
  • We are continuing to develop and expand membership benefits and will update you monthly via email regarding new and exciting benefits that we add.

We at the Foundation can’t do this work on our own. We need your ongoing commitment to help us keep ToFF operating; whether as a Volunteer, a Collector, or a Member (Members are the very life blood of the Foundation). We count on you to join, join, renew or upgrade your membership. We are grateful for each active Member at every membership level.

Please join or renew your membership today.