A Large Scale Photography Book

For collectors, Mark Henderson is offering, for the very first time ever, one copy of this book, numbered and signed, with a noble slip case, and with your name printed in the acknowledgements.

“Mark celebrates the magnificence of the male form.“Durk Dehner | President and cofounder, Tom of Finland Foundation

“The display of the totally nude physique is the language Mr. Henderson knows so expertly … his photographs are superb delineations of the idealized male  physique.“ Jim French | Photographer, illustrator and creator of Colt Studio

“Of the several contemporary photographers whose focus is the male nude and whose individual work I admire and books I own, it’s Mark Henderson who has broken out of the pack and established himself as a Jim French of the New Millennium.“ Fred Bisonnes | Author, photographer, illustrator

“Mark Henderson is among the best of a new generation of photographers of the male nude who have really ushered the genre into the modern age.“ Robert Mainardi | Author and co-owner of San Francisco’s The Magazine

The book will be hardcover with a dust jacket, 160 Pages, approximately 10¼ x 13½” / 26 x 34 cm.

I witness empowerment in artists when they utilize crowdfunding platforms. Artists are messengers reminding us to stop and inhale. Mark’s work is veneration of the magnificence of the male. These platforms provide artists an access to both their fans and new audiences, and they count on you to come through for them.

Nurture the beauty of the bountiful erotic garden and bring it into your home.



Carrington Galen Memorial

Carrington Galen 1965-2016

Thanking Rowland Byass for this inspired creation; Stuart Sandford for the modeling of the figure; Carr’s husband, Joe Candias Galen, for the base and assemblage; and John Parot for his work with the glazing. Remembering Roberto Tzalam for his dedication to this loving project. And of course, Durk Dehner for commissioning it; and Carr’s sister, Christine Astin, for her support.

Carr’s the star, by far.
Not on a par,
with any of us, really.

When he said au revoir,
we dedicated this hectar
to his brilliance.

He’s a Gibson guitar,
Beluga caviar.
We’ll not forget our superstar,
from here to Zanzibar.

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