JACOB LOVE “FUCKUTOPIA” | 29th August | TOM House

Meet the Artist in His Studio

“I tend to think that the human tendency to move toward and into orgasm is a sign of an embodied belief in the possibility of a state of being within which something akin to orgasm (at least a higher state of physical and emotional bliss) can and should be normalized. Porn is utopian, argues for better conditions for the body, argues for the ease and infinite availability of “pleasure” and, more important, “fun,” which I read as social creative chaos, almost manageable chaos—the necessary chaos of queerness.” -Paul Morris (Treasure Island Media)


This work in progress includes imagery of the vegetation found on LA sidewalks. It appeals to me because it feels like it’s bursting out of the ‘civilised’ city, wild, taking up space, being magnificent and fierce. There are also portraits of men; traces of cerebral fantasies linger in their costumes, poses and props, but the real attention is on the visceral experiences of the body. Interfering with these images are slogans from cigarette advertising of the past. Grand, macho statements about the primacy of pleasure in the construction of the ‘self’.

I am interested in exposing the implicit psychological notions of fantasy and utopia embedded in our culture through the use of corporeally explicit content. What is utopia if not a condition ripe for flourishing? All political movement forward is guided (at least outwardly) on utopian ideas of ‘making things better’. Better for who or for what? What happens in the margins of the fertile ground?



Fantasy, utopia, pleasure; how do these words resonate in queer bodies? Can acting on desires, aberrant to the norm, position us as significantly ‘other’ that we may be able to see the world critically and strive to make it better?





Tom of Finland Foundation Life Drawing Session | 8th September

Uninstructed Nude Figure Drawing and Painting

Our Models Tim and John

Each month the Foundation offers a friendly and positive environment to practice your skills.

Sunday, 1-4p
[Early arrival suggested due to parking availability]

Spinning the tunes: DJ RocketManLA, with over 100,000 songs!


$25 in advance.
$30 suggested donation at the door.
Scholarship funds available.

[Please bring your own materials, no phones/no photography.]

RSVP to coordinator: Miguel Angel Reyes
[Kindly notify if you must cancel]

TOM House
Echo Park